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Friday, December 4, 2009

Remember Revolutionary Wednesday?

Well, it has been on the back burner for quite awhile. I decided to turn over a new leaf the other day. I made my bed, and I tried a new recipe. Kyle immediately noticed the bed, but it took him awhile to notice the food.

We thought it was delicious. So delicious, that Kyle thought it was one of those heat up and serve deals at Costco (but of course even better). I worked hard in the kitchen and was waiting for his awesome reviews and of course his worshiping of the cook of the kitchen but I got nothing. I finally complained out loud and that was when he discovered that I had actually made it! Then of course the compliments were plentiful.

(recipe and picture from my kitchen cafe...just click on the big red words:)


I followed the recipe and her helpful tips completely. Except we served it with broccoli. Hope you love it too!


  1. This looks similar to the recipe I use and it's a hit every time! Thanks for reminding me about it. I have trouble making my bed!
    Congrats on the plenitful compliments! You deserve them!

  2. So funny, so true! Isn't funny how making the bed is the cherry on top of our efforts. I'm proud of your cooking skills. I know you always appreciated your mom's cooking. I have never had beef jerky as good as hers. I don't think I am on your blog invite. Can you try me again at my hotmail. kingeraz@hotmail i want to see more pictures!


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