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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today better be the day!

So, I've prepared myself for this day...and not a day longer...so if this baby doesn't come today, world beware! I will go on a crime spree. I will be Mrs. destructo and destroy all and anything that gets in my way. I will change my name to "Lady I'm not going to wait anymore"!! So baby, listen up, today is your birthday and you better cooperate!!

pretty pleeeeeeeeease!


  1. but just think of all the fun things you could buy with that Aflac money if baby holds out a couple more days! Seriously, those last few days/weeks of pregnancy can be pure torture - Good luck!

  2. okay so today isn't going to be the day, unless the baby comes without help...cause the doctor is helping the baby come tomorrow morning...not induction...but a little bit of pressure:) We will still get our aflac money...since it is only a day early.

  3. We're waiting on pins and needles to find out what it is!! Hurry up baby!

  4. hang in there...literally. Is it falling out yet?

  5. cute family picture on blog, baby its already outdated. hope your baby is punctual. Missed you at lunch today.


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