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Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends and Family,    
This year we have had fun fixing up our front and backyards. It was pretty much a total transformation (pictures on our blog). Along with our 18 trees we added strawberry plants and the kids loved picking their own fruit. Even Oliver would join in the fun--although he managed to find the green ones more often than the ripe red ones!  

Isaac will turn 8 in February and is excited to be baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints. He is reading his scriptures and getting ready for his big day. This year he tried out flag football and to his mom's horror, truly LOVED it! She doesn't think she can handle watching him play tackle so she will insist he wears a flag around his waist for the rest of his football days. Isaac loves his friends and wants to play with them all day every day. Most recently he acted in our ward Christmas play and decided he loves everything about the acting life except the singing!    

Luke will turn 6 in March and is a huge Pokémon fan. He is still a scientist most days, but has gotten better about turning every corner of the house into his science laboratory. He is in love with Kindergarten and also enjoys reading, playing Magic Tree House on the computer, and making Oliver laugh. He has become our pickiest eater and eats mostly apples, pickles and water--we only wish we were kidding. If you want to experience a frustrated mommy, please come to our house for dinner. Good thing he is cute!!  

Ruby will tell you that her birthday is after Jesus' birthday. She will be turning 3 on January 2nd. Ruby is still a pink fan and claims she loves anything that is pink. Most recently, someone spit (outside) and she asked “what was that?” That somebody said, "Phlegm". She then decided that she wouldn't like that phlegm, but she would like pink phlegm and we should buy her some at the store. This is just ONE of her many pink stories they are often hilarious and usually cute. She also loves dolls, dance class with her friends, her blankets, and shows. She makes us laugh every single day and we love having our girly girl.    

Oliver is almost a year and a half and is really into making as many messes a day as he possibly can. He especially loves to empty our kitchen and bathroom drawers. His newest trick is climbing on top of the dining table and screaming for us all to notice his skill. He is great at cheesing for the camera and his first word was actually "cheese"--for the camera! He thinks every animal growls and he knows exactly when to say "uh-oh" and says it often but not as often as the word "NOOOOO!" His favorite toys right now are Zhu Zhu pets. He also loves cars, balls, music and playing with his brothers and sister.    

Kyle and Emily are busy and still madly in love with each other (ew gross) and their kids most of the time.
           We wish you lots of love
and Happiness
Merry Christmas!
Love, the Widdison Family


and Emily and Kyle


  1. oh my gosh, all of these pics are so adorable. emily—your kids are looking older now! It's so weird for me, since I hardly ever get to see them.

  2. I loved reading about each of your kids. They are beautiful. Isaac is looking like a young man already. I love that you put ew gross about you and Kyle, because you were probably the only one thinking that sounded too mushy!


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