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Monday, January 14, 2013




And our belated Christmas letter to some of you

Dear Friends and Family,

Another year has flown by for us and we survived!  We hope you all have had a great year as well.  Now for our annual update...

Isaac is in the 3rd grade and doing very well.  We love having him as the big brother.  He is doing chess, piano, and will soon start basketball with his dad as the coach (good luck Dad!).  He loves to joke around and be silly and make us all laugh.  Like any 8-year-old boy, he loves his friends and video games and thinks he should get an iPad for Christmas (don’t hold your breath Isaac!).  

Luke is in 1st grade now and absolutely loves school.  We were worried that he would have a hard time because last year he complained that half-day kindergarten was way too long.  Although he does race home and is excited for his after school snack, he hasn't complained once about school being too long.  He loves monsters, mainly werewolves, and has put his career as a writer on hold in hopes of starting a science school for neighborhood kids.

Ruby is obsessed with all things baby dolls.  She is a good little mother and carries her babies everywhere she goes.  She loves real babies as well and told me the other day that she knows how I can get another baby, twins in fact.  “Just go to the store” she says, “and ask for one baby, and then another one.”  We will try this next time we go to Walmart!  She is mostly sweet but when she's not we have a hard time not laughing at her.  She is too cute even when she is being a stinker.

Oliver is still our baby and he knows it.  He is always trying to claim the title of the most difficult toddler in our family EVER...we conceded that title over to him long ago, so we don't know what he is trying to prove.  He loves cars and trains and treats. Like Ruby, Oliver is also in love with babies. He can sit and play or watch them forever.  He has his own baby (a white bear--that isn't so white anymore) and he loves that bear, takes care of it, and wants it near always, especially at bedtime.  The beloved "baby" might get replaced this Christmas with brown fur instead of white.  Mom and dad are hoping that the baby trade goes smoothly.  

Kyle works for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the IT Department and he loves it.  He does some GMAT teaching by night and keeps tabs on the business he helped start a few years ago (when will they ever sell that thing!).  He is busy but still manages to keep us all happy and healthy and we love him so much for it.

Emily stays plenty busy chasing the kids around the house (the ones who live here and any others who find their way in), teaching a fun music class for the neighborhood friends, and cooking meals her picky kids won't eat.  Recently she decided to take violin lessons and she loves it.  The sound of the violin is especially helpful at drowning out complaining children. J

We continue to feel very blessed and happy with our family here in Saratoga Springs.  We are thankful for the birth of our Savior and hope to know Him a little bit better each year. 

We love you all, and hope you have a Merry Christmas!

The Widdisons

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