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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stop and READ!

If you have this blogspot address on your side bar (blog reel) keep it there! I will be updating this blog with a link to our new private one each time...that way this blog will go to the top each time I have a new post so you won't forget all about me...which is what I tend to do with private blogs unfortunately!!

Here is my most current post (just click on it)
11 toilets, 4 urnials, 3 floors, 9 sinks and a mothers lounge later

You will need an invite to view it. Did I miss you?
Please leave your e-mail address if you did not get an invite!
I think I've figured out how to exceed the reader limit so we are welcoming everyone!


  1. Um....excuse me, I did not get an invitation and am feeling very excluded!! poppythatcher@yahoo.com

  2. Add me:) lindseyandrick@hotmail.com, how can you exceed the limit?? I'm getting close!

  3. i think you missed me:) taylor_beka@yahoo.com

  4. Ooooo, ooooo, pick me, pick me!! spideybrian@yahoo.com Thanks chick Kayleen Vaughan

  5. You haven't invited me to your blog. jilland4boys@yahoo.com


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