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Friday, November 13, 2009

A quick one.

Next, we did this.
Lots of kids...wonder why so many more boys?
10 boys (plus three if you count the two at school and the one in Beka's tummy)
3 girls (plus two if you count one in school and the one in Stacie's tummy)
First picture Trey escaped.
2nd picture Henry followed
(I'm wondering if it is because he didn't want to be caught on film carrying around a naked dolly?)
On the third shot, we all got in the picture. These are some of my good friends from my AZ days. Miss them all! It is always so much fun to see them and catch up---even if it is just once a year. Thank goodness for blogs! Thanks for coming to lunch everyone! We missed you if you weren't there.P.S. I do have other AZ friends, but I have lost touch with them over the years. Hopefully someday I can hunt them down..or at least see them at a highschool reunion!

1 comment:

  1. I loved these pictures. You women are doing very well at populating the earth with lovely children.


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